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Chapter Twenty-Three

I find it amazing as I look back and reflect upon the “happenings” of my life... of our lives. So many stories, so many miles, so much I wish to leave my children in the form of wisdom, yet knowing full well that wisdom comes from living life, from making mistakes, and then from getting up, dusting yourself off, and simply getting on with life.

That is what gives us the “stories” of our lives. It makes us unique and a one-of-a-kind masterpiece formed by the Master.

In 2013, Husband was having a bad run of it with his health. When he had an appointment with the Southern Arizona VA Health Care System, that meant that I would take a day off work to accompany him to his appointment. The trip was 125 miles one way and took one hour and 51 minutes of travel, which ends up being four hours of travel round trip. It seemed his health was declining. We discussed moving to Tucson where it would be closer for him to receive his health care. He was receiving disability benefits for his Agent Orange …