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Chapter Twenty-One

It was December 13th, and I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Kim, thoracic surgeon. We were both heading to reception when I saw her. She was walking ahead of me as we approached the Arizona Cancer Center - UMC. Dressed in the uniform of our culture – clothed in denim capris, a denim jacket covered with badges and logos. Her many tattoos added to the total tribal effect. She wore a multi-hued scarf twisted around her head in turban fashion, yet if one looked closely you could see the thinning hair and bald patches on her scalp. She held her head high and her bearing was that of a warrior. Indeed, a Tribal Warrior coming to do battle with Cancer.
I stood behind her waiting to check-in for my appointment. I couldn’t help but reach out and place my hand gently on her shoulder. When she turned to look at me, I merely said, “Keep fighting.” She smiled and turned back to the matter at hand. She went her way and I went mine to our various appointments.
Every single one of us has a story. …