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Chapter Eighteen

My last devotional of the year was entitled Wistful Words. It was all about trust. Trust, at least for me, is hard to come by... worldly or Godly. It is as if I've only ever been able to rely on or trust "me" - and when I fail myself, it's been ever so difficult. and trust issues. This past year with health issues... cancer and chemo, has taught me a bit about trusting God - and my NOT being in control. Then with Dennis' health issues.
A dear friend brought me to tears as she was sharing with our accountability group about her newest tattoo. I asked if it was in a place where we could see it. She removed her shoe and there is was in all its glory - "make it count" on the inside of her left foot. I cried. I cried because I created a "private" FaceBook Page to share with all my prayer warriors was was happening. It was a great way to let a number of persons know at one time what was happening and to provide prayer requests. It was name…