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Chapter Twelve

July 30th saw the last of the four chemotherapies completed. The side effects of this final treatment have surprised me. Yet I had been warned by persons who know, that each succeeding chemo would be more intense that the previous one.

I have been having a lot of time for rest and reflection.

I grew up a small town girl, most communities we have lived in have not exceeded a census of 10,000. Personally, my hometown was probably a tenth of that. The comfort and familiarity of a small town is what I find appealing. You know people, you feel comfortable at church and in the community. If someone has an unspoken prayer request, chances are you’re going to know what it’s about… (really, you probably do!)

There are drawbacks, of course. Not having specialized medical care, shopping malls or even a Target can have its moments. I loathe being tied to the apron strings of corporate Wal-Mart, no offense. It's not just about material goods. It is more about freedom, options, and power to hav…