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Chapter Twenty Six

Recently, there was a friendly discussion on Facebook about “silence”. Yes, sweet, sweet silence. I love silence, I desire silence. I crave silence. I even keep the radio off when I am driving locally. This seems to recharge me. Or perhaps it merely allows me to hear emergency sirens as they approach. It is Arizona and I keep the window cracked a teensy bit to hear them.
I like to rise early, sit on my postage stamp size patio and listen to the birds and the morning sounds. All the while enjoying my first cup of morning coffee. Milo T. Kat also enjoys the patio and yard by attempting to find her share of birds to terrorize. She hasn’t succeeded thus far, but she sure gets her exercise and she “chatters” at the birds.
As the morning progresses, Husband wakes and brings his coffee out to join me, as well as his computer where we electronically share a morning devotional from “Our Daily Bread.” The silence helps to prepare me for the word of God. It puts me in the right frame of mind and s…

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